Fresh tea leaves as a raw material is the life of Matcha tea.

We produce Matcha tea by continuous operation from fresh tea leaves as a raw material to Tencha production bu stone grinder.

Tenryu Agri-Farm factory

Our Tenryu Agri-Farm Co. located at upper Tenryu River grows fresh tea leaves. Here is 600 meter above sea level at slope of South Alpus of Japan where is the best area for production of high quality Tencha in best flavours and colour of tea due to high temperature difference between day time and night time.

Tencha is of tea leaves as raw materials for Matcha.

Covering / Shading works for tea trees by white and black nets

The means of growing tea leaves for Tencha and Gyokuro are same, as sun shine on both teas is cut off at the rate of 90% by black and white shade net to protect sproute leaves from sun shine. By this way, as amino acid (flavour) contained in tea leaves is increased and catechin (bitterness) is decreased in addition to leaves colour to be much deep green colour.

In harvest/plucking season, tea leaves as raw materials is directly sent to the tea factory to produce Tencha within a limited short time. Tenryu Agri-Farm factory is equipped with modernized tea producing machineries and tea laeves in this factory are steamed at first then these stemed tea leaves are blown off to 15m-20m above by cooling machine in order to take off moisture and high heat. After this process, tea leaves on line are dried up with 30 meter length brick furnace to finish Tencha. (Gyokuro is a little bit different in process by rolling after steaming up. This is only a difference from Tencha production.)

Matcha is finished fy milling Tencha with stone grinder.

As at today, Match in Japanese tea market is usually produced in big volume by ceramic ball milling machine, but our Matcha is produced by using stone grinder which is operated at law speed to produce high quality one in ratio of 50g per hour to prevent the friciton heat and the particle size of out Matcha products is 5 micron round in uniformity and very smooth at tongue of the drinker, flavoury and tasty to consumers.

It is resulted from our continuous production system from our growing tea leaves to finish in fine products by stone grinder under our philosophy with soft touch of humanity.

Matcha flowchart

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Tea leaves as raw materials for Fuji-Matcha are cultiveted in the foot area of Mt.Fuji with the organic fertilizers, and the plucked tea leaves are steamed then are deliberately dried up in the brick furnace,
The dried tea leaves are carefully and gradually grinded by the stome mill in preventing friction heat so as to make high quality poedered green tea.
Please enjoy the characteristic light blue colour and flavour in scarcity value of our products.

Net 50g

How to make Matcha tea drink

A. How to make flavoury Matcha drink drink simply


To put 200ml of water into the stainless bottle(mug bottle) and then put a spoonful Matcha into the same bottle.


To close the bottle by cap and shake it strongly and rapidly by 20-30 times.


To open the bottle and put ice pieces fully into the bottle.


To close the bottole by cap and shake again strongly by 10 times then Matcha tea for drink to be finished.

B. How to make regularly full-fledged Matcha tea

To warm up the tea cup and ‘Chasen’(bamboo stiring tool for tea). To put the boiled water into the cup and the edge of Chasen to become softer and not to be easily broken.

To pour out the boiled water from the cup and wipe the cup by cloth(Fukin cloth) to take off the moisture from the surface of the cup, then put two full-Chashaku(bamboo spoon for tea) of Matcha(a teaspoonful of Matcha in case of spoon).

To prepare 70ml of the boiled water to be cooled down to 70℃-80℃. Half portion of this boiled water(35ml) to be put into the tea cup(warmed up by the boiled water) and then stir completely to dissolve Matcha carefully not to make a lump of Matcha.

To put the remaining boiled water(35ml) into the tea cup and stir Matcha / boiled water vibrationally.

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